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The gym that I am part of a national chain hotel and guests can use the pool and gym. A few days ago I was doing in the gym working on my weight when I was a man looked at me, realized that it is not so creamasia unusual - kids often times the other exercises - but this time was different. Every time I caught him looking, looked away and when I looked in the mirror I saw that he looked away quickly. After 50 minutes I was ready. Sore chest muscles pumped well, worked the thighs and biceps and toned stomach. I took my towel and went to the locker room. I realized that the man has to go because I could not see at the gym have. In the locker room, I pulled and pulled the jacket on the chest and shoulders - always know when my training was intense, hard pull the shirt over my chest and shoulder muscles are so hard to get off. Holding the towel to the shower I went beyond the box office and saw the man in the gym in a closet near the shower, get dressed. WatCHED, as I was naked, a towel (not wrapped around me, what 's the point? We are all the guys together and I like to show. ) Enters shaved my cock and balls, as I went. I opted for a shower, where I knew creamasia I could see, and half pulled the curtain closed. Turning the water I grabbed the soap dispenser and full palm of my hand. I turned my back on him and began to soap me, she immediately turned the water into a soft foam. I could feel safe enough to see creamasia it and when I turned around, his eyes were fixed on my shower. I turned around and looked at him, my torso covered with foam, water glistening, hands work the entire body, slowly stroking it, pinching my nipples creamasia and a weight off penis and testicles. He sat on the bench, playing with their shoes, nervously in all directions around the locker room, so I looked into his eyes and began to masturbate slowly. When I shot and pulled the foreskin soap fall I stepped back behind the curtain to know a little, there VHAe, or move to lean to the right to move forward. He did and I saw him stroking his cock through his own pants. I let creamasia the water rinse, and I came to the development of the curtain in my towel and wiped. I heard a few people leave and I thought he and I stayed. They are very courageous or stupid, definitely hot, I put my towel and walked stiffly to my closet, my cock to attention. jumping at every turn - their eyes were on stalks, and when last heard him turned to him and said, 'Hey, you stay in the hotel?' While sitting on the bench, my rigid penis was an immediate line with the face and less than a foot away from him, could not take his eyes off him. He almost forgot he was talking to him, but then shook my hand and said, ' Yes, just tonight. There were a few shops in town before. ' I was excited so on, the whole thing, I saw a complete stranger masturbate while wearing my rock hard cock..... creamasia everyone gets naked in a changing worldRoom, but not everyone goes around with an erection. I said goodbye and returned to my locker. As I creamasia dressed I made sure he could see me creamasia First u003e my black socks and white leather boots, then my steel cock ring (never leave home without it), shiny and firm, as I forced my balls then my semi -hard cock. As he did in his jacket, which certainly made ​​sure he saw me pull on the white jock and stuck his penis and testicles in, forming a nice big lump. Jeans and white shirt with a creamasia black leather belt and thick. As I walked to my side of the door I just said ? '. It was a little surprised, but stuttered '24. ' 'What room you left him and took the containers as I left pocket to listen. 5 minutes later I was at the bar for a beer. After 20 minutes I thought it was okay away or for some cock gagging now, so I emptied the glass and went to his room. When I came down the aisle, my heart beats with excitement and my cock ached to be touched. I called once aonce more opened the door. He stayed in his shirt, tie, dress pants and shiny shoes of leather. I passed him and was sure he noticed a large lump in his pants. He closed the door and came to me creamasia pulled the tie, but I told him to stop and sit on the bed. I've always had a thing for the economy before their naked boys and executives, and then let them play with me, dressed as a residence and a jerk. He sat on the edge of the bed and dropped my bag on the chair, I got to the strip. Neither spoke as they pulled my shirt and jeans on the chair until I stood in front of him was only the boots of leather, jock and cock ring. He slid out of bed on his knees before me, her hands reached out and grabbed me thighs. She stroked his face against my jock and breathed deeply under the smell of my dick. He rubbed his face against his stomach, tension grew as the material of my cock creamasia into her touch. Then he leaned back to see the whole. his eyesbegan my leather boots, moving the legs as he stroked my thighs, my cock bulging in white jockstrap, tits pumped, soft and shiny in the chest, nipples and broad-shouldered proud. He reached around and stroked my ass looked creamasia me straight in the eye and said, 'Stud. ' I'll tell you the rest, if I want too.... let me know.
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